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FERMENTED MASTURBATION (Norway) – Perverted Slamicide MCD 2014 Maximize

FERMENTED MASTURBATION (Norway) – Perverted Slamicide MCD 2014

Brutal Slamming Death Metal

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Ungodly Ruins ‎– UNG-006

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Slow motion bulldozer with members of Kraanium crawling from dark and cold Norwegian forests. 7-track EP called Perverted Slamicide will smear your intestines and mix them with fat lumps of slamming beatdown sickness. Highly recommended for all fans of Abominable Putridity and Cephalotripsy! Mixing and mastering by Tsun Tsun Productions. Sick cover art done by Nev!
Check out the promo video:
1. Skintro 
2. Whore of abomination 
3. Putrid infection of vaginal leakage 
4. B.T.W.I.S 
5. Siamese twin abomination 
6. Rambo knife strap-on 
7. SCWW (Outro)