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EMBODIED TORMENT (US) – Liturgy Of Ritual Execution CD 2015 (Brutal Death Metal) Maximize

EMBODIED TORMENT (US) – Liturgy Of Ritual Execution CD 2015 (Brutal Death Metal)

Brutal Death Metal

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New Standard Elite‎–NSE-019-01

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1. Descent Into the Forlorn Chambers 01:06
2. Oubliette 04:17
3. Defilement of Mortal Purity 03:01
4. Fermented in Existential Terror 03:57
5. Kyphonism 03:41
6. Rädern 03:05
7. Epoch of Suffering 05:46
8. Thrones of the Slain 09:21
9. Judas Cradle 02:00
"Haunting live atmosphere, unique and intelligent song composition, combined with pure blasting brutality."-New Standard Elite 

"Raw, fast-paced brutal death metal for fans of Brodequin, Liturgy, Orchidectomy, Heinous Killings and Orchidectomy. Check it out!" - Contorted Mind 

"This four-piece band from Sacramento, California delivers real brutal deathgrind straight to your face like bands used to play in the beginning of the 2000s... a 9.5 out of 10, a really cool album in this old way like Brodequin stuff spiced up with new elements, this cool touch of this dark atmosphere." - Dani Zed 

"This is an album I would recommend highly to those who like brutal death metal. It is an exceedingly good album with some amazing songs on there that make you just want to bang your head!" - Gore and More Reviews 

"I can not help thinking that this is one of the best albums released recently by New Standard Elite, at least by a young band, constituting a remarkable success in its catalog and a clear breath of fresh air..." 8.5/10 - XTreem Music 

"Embodied Torment just delivers a successful debut fucking album and is highly recommended to all fucking sickos! Amazing Torturing Fucking Piece of Musical Agony! 9/10" - Sick Reviews
released 31 May 2015 

Written and performed by Embodied Torment. Recorded by Joaquin Chavez at the Guillotine in Sacramento, Winter 2014. Artwork by Paolo Girardi, Logo by Cindy Chaco, Mixed and Mastered by Sasha Borovykh at Tsun Tsun Productions, Layout by New Standard Elite.