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FALKENBACH (Germany) ‎– Asa LP 2017 Limited Edition, Reissue, Blue Maximize

FALKENBACH (Germany) ‎– Asa LP 2017 Limited Edition, Reissue, Blue

Prophecy Productions–PRO129LPB

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Release date: Fri, May 10 2013, US Tue, May 14 2013

Black metal cult ARCKANUM are streaming their forthcoming record, 'Fenris Kindir' (out now everywhere in the world) in its entirety.

Regarding the new album, ARCKANUM mastermind Shamaatae said: "This album is a dedication to the flaming giant-wolf, son of Loki; created from the Chaos-fires of Múspellsheimr. It is a tribute to the wrathful giant-wolf, son of Angrboða, found in the Ironwood where he is breeding hordes of giant monstrous wolves with Angrboða. His victorious name is Fenrir, also called Tungls Tjúgari! Hail Fenrir!"

Shamaatae continues: "The sounds and music on this album are my auditory vision of the march of Fenrir convoyed with his hordes of giant wolves from the depths of the underworld to face Ragna Rök with warlike glory – deformed giant-wolves swarming in thousands. This is my tribute to the wrathful, harsh and untamed anti-nature of Fenrir’s mighty essence! The anti-cosmic enemy of the worlds! Heill Tungls Tjúgari! Heilir Fenris Synir!"

  1. Fenris Kindir Grúa
  2. Tungls Tjúgari
  3. Dólgrinn
  4. Hatarnir
  5. Hamrami
  6. Fenris Gangr
  7. Vargøld
  8. Angrboða
  9. Úskepna
  10. Spell
  11. Sólbøls Sigr


The LP editions include a cover version of NECROMANTIA’s classic “Lycanthropia” as bonus track and are available in different colours.

Here for sale is the ltd. edition on transparent yellow.