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PUTERAEON (Sweden) ‎– Cult Cthulhu (Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, 2012) Maximize

PUTERAEON (Sweden) ‎– Cult Cthulhu (Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, 2012)

Death Metal

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Cyclone Empire ‎– CYC 091-1

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PUTERAEON - Cult Cthulhu (LP)
Limited Edit. 500 copies, black 180g Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve!
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Cyclone Empire
Release date 01.06.2012
         Returning with their sophomore full length album release is Swedish Death Metal merchants PUTERAEON and said album entitled ‘Cult Cthulhu’. Puteraeon revel in everything I love about Death Metal, gore, zombies and an obsession with death. Pueraeon don’t waste time mincing about the issue and rapidly proceed to dominate with their oppressive brand of full on assault mode Death Metal. Each song is played at break neck speed and with little variance in style. Indeed Puteraeon seem determined to make every new song they create even more bludgeoning and blood thirsty than the one before, an approach that I think everyone can be endured too.
Like I mentioned previously there is little change in the bands approach, style or sound and so if you like a nice varied album then this is probably not the release for you, however what the band lack in diversity they clearly make up for in pure dominating strength and fury. Their musicianship is of an extremely high standard and Puteraeon seem intent not only to destroy all before them with gore soaked efficiency but also to continue Swedens magnificent Death Metal heritage. If it is straight up Death Metal filled to the brim with blood, death, gore and zombies then look no further than ‘Cult Cthulhu’