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PUTERAEON (Sweden) ‎– The Esoteric Order (Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Blue, 2011) Maximize

PUTERAEON (Sweden) ‎– The Esoteric Order (Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Blue, 2011)

Death Metal

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Cyclone Empire ‎– CYC 069-1

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PUTERAEON - The Esoteric Order (LP)
Limited Edit. 500 copies, Blue Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve!
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Cyclone Empire
Release date 04.02.2011
The Esoteric Order consists of re-recorded songs from Puteraeon’s three previously self-released demos — two from 2008′s Fascination For Mutilation, four from 2008′s The Requiem, and five from 2009′s The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West — plus two new songs, “Storms Over Devil’s Reef” and “Coma”. Most of the songs were inspired by the stories of HP Lovecraft (especially “Shadow Over Innsmouth” and “Herbert West – Reanimator”); others take zombies or the infamous Elizabeth Bathory as their lyrical subjects. The music and the subject matter of the songs suit each other. Regardless of the tempo, which varies, the songs just sound evil to the core. You listen, and it’s not hard at all to imagine the demented dead crawling from the earth, the crackle of arcing electricity in a re-animator’s lab, the slavering lurch of famished zombies who just can’t wait to sink their teeth into living human flesh. Those massive, drop-tuned, heavily distorted guitar riffs alternately rampage like a runaway train about to leap the rails, ponderously stagger like an undead army (as on the down-tempo portions of “Experience Zombiefication” and “Castle of Despair”), and bend your neck with irresistible mid-paced chugging. Strategically placed tremolo-picked guitar phrases that moan and whine and drill enhance the evil atmospherics, and, fleetingly, squalling guitar solos make an appearance in a few songs, most notably “Into the Deep”. (The songs could have used more of those solos). The rhythms are anchored by chunky bass lines that suck the sound right down into the abyss. The drumming is not flashy, and thankfully not over-produced, but it provides satisfying jolts at just the right moments. And the deep, otherworldly vocals perfectly capture the ghastly ghoulishness at the core of this music. They sound like the roaring of a chained beast welling up from deep in a vast, dank cave, or the vicious howls of the dead violently disturbed from their rest. The recording reveals updated production values that fire the senses with a sharp edge to the sound, but they don’t sacrifice the faithfully fuzz-ridden, thick distortion that’s essential to this kind of music.